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Register online here. Registration is open until September 30.  Tuition paid in full before September 30 saves 5% (cash or cheque only). 

Looking for a studio offering high quality instruction, with certified instructors, that place your child’s safety first? 

Welcome to Hi Energy Dance Studio!

We’re so glad you came to visit! We know you have a lot of options for dance studios, but here are some of the reasons that you and your child would love to dance with us.

We treat all of our dancers the same, whether you dance one half hour class, or 15 classes a week, you are part of our group and all of our dancer’s time is valuable.

We don’t fundraise. At all. Our prices are what you see, you will not be selling chocolates, or Sobeys cards, or anything. Your main involvement as a parent is to get your child to dance on time and prepared for class.

If you want to only learn to dance for fun, or you want to dance on the big city stages and compete, we have three different options for you. Performance program (all dancers get to perform in our spring show in town), competition program (dancers perform in our spring show in town, as well as a couple of festival/competition in the Edmonton area) or our Intensive Stars program (dancers that want to more performances, as well as extra festival/competitions and our spring show). More information on our levels of programs can be found here.

Our head instructor is certified and qualified in all of the classes we teach, and she is always present if you need to ask a question. She’s been teaching for over twenty years, with more than 10 of them right here in the Lakeland. (Just please wait until in between classes to come and chat). The classes we offer are found here. We also offer ballet exams for our Grade 3 and up students, so they can take their ballet (and therefore, all their dance) technique all over the world.

Our instructors are always positive and engaged, and all students are welcome in our classes.

Our family friendly atmosphere. We are not the studios you see on TV. We are an actual family that cares for all of our students and our dance parents are second to none on helping everyone out backstage and working together as a team.

Our classes focus on technique, strength and flexibility. We are training dancers for life, not just their school years, so we want to make sure that your dancer has the strength to support their dancing, and doesn’t cause long term damage. Dancers that want to compete and perform benefit from technique classes all year long, not just the first few weeks of the year before routines begin.

Our classes are all in Bonnyville. The only time travel outside of Bonnyville is required will be during our festival season, to our hosting facilities. Our festivals/competitions are in the Edmonton area during the spring months.